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There is nothing called the LED TV but retailers and shopkeepers use the term, so the public sees the difference with that name. In fact, LED företags skyltar  Televisions are just the same as LCD TV's but the only difference being that LED TV's use LED lights for backlighting instead of fluorescent lighting that is used for LCD TV's.

LED TVs have two most important forms of backlighting - edge lighting and local dimming. When you find LED företags skyltar  TVs around the edges of the panel, it means it is edge lighting and this lets extremely thin construction to take place. LED means light emitting diode and technology has advanced ahead that the manufacturing of these lights can be done in very small sizes also. Thus the local dimming light sets can have a very thin depth.

LCD Television is a liquid crystal display TV and an LCD företags skyltar  does not produce light itself. They need a source of light to produce a visible image. Backlights are thus used to illuminate the LCD from behind the display panel. These lights are also used to increase readability in dim and low light conditions and also in computer displays.

The very simple type of LCD företags skyltar  displays is built without using an internal source of light and so they require external light source to convey display images to the user.

Nowadays, LCD företags skyltar  screens are made with internal light source, and these screens consist of several layers. This light is the first layer from the back side.

LED comes in two flavors. They are used in desktop screens and almost all mobile screens. A white LED företags skyltar  gives an impression of white light. RGB LEDs consist of red, blue and a green LED and produces different temperatures of white.




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