LED stolpskyltar Strip Lights operate at a very low voltage. This means that instead of running straight off the mains they have to run through a 12 V transformer. This steps the voltage down from 240V to 12V and makes the lighting very safe to handle. Also pay attention to the specifications of the controller, which will let you know how many watts you can run. The wattage of a LED strip light is dictated by a number of variables including the size of the LEDs stolpskyltar , number of LEDs per metre, the length of the strip light and the type of light they are producing. For example if you have a 100W controller and the performance of the RGB LED strip light is 5W per metre, then you will be able to connect 20m of strip light. If you want to connect more you will need an amplifier that will boost the signal of the controller. Amplifiers need to be powered by a separate transformer as the power capabilities of the controller are invariable.

Calculating the performance of an RGB LED stolpskyltar is a little more complex than standard LED Strip Lights. There wattage usage is not constant and in fact varies depending on how they are programmed and how much of the Red, Green and Blue LED is being used. For example, if the LEDs stolpskyltar are programmed to flicker on and off, while they are off they will not be using any power. As such, it is always worth calculating how much power the strip uses at maximum performance, which is usually when it is producing white light, and work from there. If the performance of the RGB LED stolpskyltar strip light does exceed the performance of the controller the only thing that will happen is that the LEDs will become slightly dimmer as they are not receiving enough power

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