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LED Strip Lights are some of the most versatile effects lighting available. Their flexible and discrete design allows you to be very creative with the way you light your business and home. They also allow you to be very creative with your energy use by letting you run your lighting at a fraction of the cost. A typical LED flat lay styling will use about a tenth of the power of a traditional incandescent. This is because they convert a lot less energy into heat and more into useful light. They also last a lot longer. Incandescent bulbs rely on fragile filaments that degrade very quickly overtime. LEDs don't have filaments, but rather use a semiconductor diode to produce light. These last up to 10 times longer than an incandescent filament; that's about 30,000 to 50,000 hours!

LED Strip Lights come in a variety of colours, but if you really want to get the party started then its well worth considering RGB LED. RGB LED  flat lay styling​ opens up the options for lighting a business or home even further by giving you access to a full spectrum of colourful effects. They enable you to be very imaginative with your use of light and effortlessly create mood and ambience that will bring a room to life. You will most often find them used in commercial settings like bars, clubs, restaurants and other entertainment venues, but their flexible and compact design also makes them suitable for domestic use as well. Try using them in kitchens, living rooms and study spaces and you will be able to completely reinvent the appearance of a room. They are also great for special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays.

How to use RGB LED  flat lay styling

RGB simply stands for Red, Green and Blue. The LEDs on the strip light blend these three colours at their source to recreate the entire colour spectrum. This gives you access to a massive range of colourful effects, including static colours and interchangeable colour sequences. You will find that most RGB LED  flat lay styling​ strip lights come equipped with a remote controller and red-eye sensor which you can install between the transformer and strip light. The remote can be used to determine the colour of the strip light by varying the amount of Red, Green and Blue light that are mixed at the LEDs source. The remote will also allow you to manipulate variables such as the pattern, frequency and brightness of the LEDs  flat lay styling​ or to programme the lights with preset patterns.

If you really want to create a spectacular display you might consider upgrading to a DMX controller. DMX is an industry standard for controlling stage effects and lighting, including smoke machines and spotlights. They can be programmed to control the frequency, brightness, colour and almost any other facet of an LED  flat lay styling​ Strip Light.


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