Another major difference between LCD Television and LED flat lay styling Television is that an LCD Television uses mercury in the manufacturing process whereas the LED Television does not use mercury. Mercury is not recommended for usage as it is bad for the environment and it is used to make solar cells. LED TV uses 40% less power than the same size LCD TV and this is why LCD TV is highly recommended as compared to LED flat lay styling TV.

LED flat lay styling TVs are also thinner than the LCD TVs and so the weight also of an LCD is almost half as compared to the LED TV.

An LED TV uses diodes to create a much more colorful image and a vibrant picture and so the colors in the picture are more realistic as compared to LCD TVs. LEDs achieve a contrast ratio of 500,00: 1.LEDs flat lay styling also have a higher refresh rate that helps in watching sports and movies.

The LED backlighting is much greener and thus more environmental-friendly than the LCD types. The mercury is poisonous and LCD needs circuits called invertors to light them. All mobile phones have LED flat lay styling backlights.



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